1040s Must be E-filed

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For several years, we have encouraged our clients to e-file their returns. Both state and local governments have been encouraging e-filing for several years. Maine requires all tax preparers to e-file 1040 individual tax returns. Quotas have been established; if they are not met, the state will charge us and allow us to pass on the cost to the tax client. As of 1/1/11, all tax preparers preparing more than 100 federal returns must e-file 1040’s. Therefore, we will require all returns to be e-filed. When we have completed your return, a copy will be sent to you. Once you have reviewed the return, you must sign and return Form 8879, E-File Authorization, to us as soon as possible. We cannot file you return until we have the signed authorization in hand. All authorizations must be received in our office by April 8 to insure adequate time to e-file. Returns completed after April 8th may need to be extended and will need to be picked up by the client.