Tax Services

For Individuals

Nobody enjoys paying taxes. And as the tax code becomes more complex, it’s difficult to know all the taxes for which you’re liable and all the deductions for which you’re eligible.

Our goal at EFS is to take a common-sense approach to every tax return, to help our clients minimize their income, and maximize their deductions while remaining compliant with tax laws.

We work hard to stay current with the ever-changing tax code. And because our clients come from all walks of life, and from many parts of the globe, we bring expertise to every tax situation, from the commonplace to the unusual. With our knowledge and experience, you can have confidence in your tax return.

For Businesses

Business Tax Returns

Tax requirements for businesses are very complex and ever-changing.  EFS can help you stay on top of these requirements to make tax time less painful, whether you are a sole proprietor or a C-Corporation. Our goal at EFS is to take a common-sense approach to every tax return, to help our clients minimize their tax liability while remaining compliant with tax laws.

Start-Up Businesses

Starting a business can be difficult. With our many years of experience, let EFS help you get off on the right foot. From choosing the most beneficial type of business entity, to setting appropriate internal controls, and help with all the filing deadlines in between, EFS gives you the tools to set up and run your business, so you can get back to business.

Industry Specialties

  • Construction
  • Medical/Health Centers
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Manufacturing
  • Small Business Organizations
  • Wholesalers
  • Lumberyards
  • Service and Retail Businesses
  • Start-Ups

Tax Planning

EFS has many years of experience in the field of taxation and our knowledgeable staff in combination with our powerful tax planning software can help you make sure you make informed financial decisions. Tax planning can help you avoid an unexpected tax bill in April. Additionally, if we know the details of your circumstances before the end of the year, we may be able to help you mitigate the impact of your decisions.

If you have experienced any of these events in the current year, you may benefit from tax planning:

  • Marriage
  • Retirement
  • Higher education costs
  • Birth
  • Death
  • Started a new business
  • Loss of employment
  • Retirement plan distributions
  • Large medical expenses
  • Gain/loss on sale of stocks or property

Specialized Tax Services


For nonprofits, the Form 990 is an informational return that is publicly available and used by many organizations and individuals for a variety of reasons, including making decisions about gifts and bequests. It is very important for your organization’s Form 990 to accurately reflect the important work that your nonprofit performs.

Other Specialties:

  • Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)
  • Estate Returns (Form 1041)
  • Trust Returns (Form 1041)
  • Gift Tax Returns (Form 709)
  • Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return (Form 990T)
  • Employee Benefit Plans (Form 5500)
  • Form 1099 Filings