John Baiamonte Passes CPA Exam

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Congratulations John!

John Baiamonte has passed all four parts of The Uniform CPA Examination. The exam is one of three requirements to become a CPA, the others being education(150 college hours with a specified number of accounting/auditing courses) and two years’ experience (including 400 hours in audit/accounting and 200 in taxation/advisory).

The exam takes four days to complete. It consists of four parts which test knowledge of various areas of accounting and measure skills in applying this knowledge. The areas include: Auditing and Attestation, which covers knowledge of auditing procedures, generally accepted auditing standards and other standards related to attest engagements; Business Environment and Concepts, which covers general knowledge that candidates need to know in order to understand the underlying business reasons for and accounting implications of business transactions; Financial Accounting and Reportingwhich covers knowledge of generally accepted profits and governmental entities; and Regulation, which covers knowledge of federal taxation, ethics, professional and legal responsibilities, and business law.