Own Your Tax Return

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As e-filing of tax returns has become the norm, we have observed that some clients no longer take responsibility for their tax returns.

Efs cannot file your tax return until we have received a signed 8879 electronic authorization. Please review your return thoroughly; once you agree with the information, please sign and return the 8879 giving us permission to e-file the return on your behalf.

It is okay to e-file your return before its due date, even if you owe money and do not plan to pay until the April 15th deadline.

Tax information should be provided to us in an organized, complete manner. A tax organizer is provided every January based on your prior year’s return to assist you. Well organized information will save you tax preparation fees and reduces the potential for errors. When return information is given to us in a bag, shoebox, or other container, our tax preparers must spend extra time sorting the records and trying to decipher them.

Don’t list expenses and income in multiple sections of your organizer. List them only once.

Don’t wait until the last minute and expect your return to be done on time. Imagine what it would be like, if every person in America brought their tax return to their preparer on April 14th.