Scott Edwards Appointed to New England Peer Review Board

Scott Edwards

Scott Edwards, managing partner of Edwards, Faust & Smith has been appointed to the New England Peer Review Board (NEPR.) NEPR was founded in 1989 by Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island to provide a professional and efficient method for monitoring peer reviews.

It includes rotating volunteer CPAs from the four participating states as well as a full time professional staff, headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire. NEPR board members meet on a regular basis to review all peer reviews that have been performed under their jurisdiction. The board has the final say as to whether or not a peer review passes professional standards. If it does not, the board can require additional monitoring of the non-passing firm as well as additional education. Scott previously served on the board, both as a member and as chairman, and is qualified to perform peer reviews of other CPA firms. This requires additional training and periodic education updates.

EFS is a member of NEPR and participates in a peer review every three years as required. We have received the highest rating for each of our eight consecutive peer reviews since our firm was established in 1991.